Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer 2011 Wrap-up...

Well, it's about that time to wrap up the summer. We did a lot of fun things these past couple of months including a vacation to Las Vegas and St. George, summer concerts at Sandy Amphitheater, Mama Mia at Capitol Theater, birthdays, BBQ's, Fireworks, Camping, Cowabunga Bay, temple visits and much much more. We most certainly won't forget our not so fun event this summer (the pit bull attack) But all-in-all it was a great summer!

Here is a recap of the events I haven't blogged about yet...

Charlie did so good at his last vet appointment. He didn't even cry when they took his staples and stitches out.

Nashville Tribute Concert at Sandy Amphitheater....We got hit by a summer storm! Can you tell?! Even though the rain was coming down like we just walked into a shower, it was so much fun! FAVORITE MOMENT that's for sure. I loved looking over at John and laughing so hard because we were so wet.

Kobe playing in his all-star Baseball game...this was a HOT day and I sure was glad I wasn't one playing out on the field!!

Horton Family...Minus Mason. He also had a game this day for High school. WHAT?! My nephew just went into 9th grade! I can't believe it!!

Our Little all-Star

(More Pictures to come...I am still trying to upload them)

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