Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to the Doctors....

John always seems to give me a hard time about being so open with anything and everything about myself, but that's just me :) This is my blog and it's where I write about our life, our experiences, trials, and happy moments...I don't think a lot of people read my blog anyways. But what I came to write about today...after four LONG months of me being inpatient, shedding a lot of tears, and feeling completely down and out of it...I called Dr. Spencer (my OB) to get an appointment to figure things out with ya know...the getting pregnant thing. John and I get to meet with him in just a couple of days and man, am I excited!

These last couple of months have been the toughest part of my life that's for sure. Unfortunately I am not one of those people that can just get pregnant by thinking about it. It breaks my heart that I have to involve doctors in something that other couples get handed to them. I am hoping by visiting Dr. Spencer this next week, that we will get some options as to what is our next step. Every day I dream about being a mom and I try to have faith every day that we will get that chance soon. I get nervous about having another loss, but I can't really think about that right now. It's been really hard to stay positive and every time I find out someone new is pregnant, I wonder when it will be our turn.

I am grateful for being able to learn a lot of life lessons and a lot about myself through this process. It has made me a stronger person and appreciate a lot of things I have been given.

Wish us luck next week!!


  1. Aw randi I am so sorry you have to go through this! I Dont know first hand what's it's like, but I kinda of do going through it with my sis for 10 years and now she finally has her miracle! I know it will not take you that long tho. I am always thinking about you!! Good luck at your appointment, here's to hearing good news soon :)