Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend in Review

Oh how I miss Saturdays...yesterday I got to spend the whole day with my John and it was so much fun! It seems like lately we hardly get to spend any time together, so to be able to have the whole day was so nice. Since John's birthday is on Wednesday, I wanted to take him to get some birthday gifts. We first went to the mall and bought some clothes here...
Lets face it...the only reason I still work at American Eagle once every so often is so I can buy my husband nice clothes at a discounted price...and me something every once in a while :) I actually worked there the other night and the whole time was scoping out what we could come back and buy him. We got some super good deals...and I got two shirts out of it as well. :) After we went shopping, we headed to our favorite place to eat.
Cafe Rio is the yummiest food in the whole entire world! John always gets a Chicken burrito, mild sauce, black beans, enchilada Style. As for me...I usually get a grilled steak salad, pinto beans, shredded lettuce, no cilantro, no lime, house dressing please! After lunch we decided to go here...
We have been thinking about getting a book shelf there for a while...It was just about finding time to go and pick it up together. Any time we are ever out by Ikea is on Sunday's when we go to see my yesterday we finally decided it was time to go pick it up. We wanted to get this bookshelf for our living room because we have the same one in our office and absolutely love it. The other reason is because the one we had was literally going to collapse because John has sooo many books! Now I have an excuse to go and buy some fun decorations to put in it and on top of it. Here is a picture of it...
You can't go to ikea without wanting to buy other items too because EVERYTHING IS SO CHEAP! While we were there we also bought some tubber wear (who doesn't need more of that) and also the cutest plates in the whole world. They are green with a white floral design up the middle and I LOVE them!
After the mall, Cafe Rio, Ikea, and going to visit my parents...we were ready to go home! It was a long day of shopping, but we had so much fun! I am very excited for John's birthday this week. On Wednesday I am going to meet him for lunch at work and then we will probably going to dinner that night as well. Charlie (our dog) also has a present for John! I don't want to give the surprise away, so stay tuned to see what he gets for his birthday.

Monday, May 10, 2010

What's new with us? You might be wondering...

So after almost two months of not blogging, I was talking with my cute friend Mallory Schipanboord and she told me I needed to update my blog, so here I am! John and I just finished up our spring semester for school and now actually have some time to breath! Well kind still seems like life is as busy as ever.

We now have a puppy who takes up any of our free time. We love to take him on walks and just hang out as a fam. John has been working extra hard in our yard planting flowers and making it beautiful for the warm weather we hope will come and stick around for a while. We also started our little garden again, and will continue to keep our fingers crossed that it will grow because of the surprising lows we have been having. This is such a fun time of the year. We recently found an awesome park by our house and want to have a BBQ there with some family and friends. John's birthday is coming up in about two weeks and so I might plan something fun there. It is the coolest park with rivers and trails where you walk through trees. They are all bloomed right now with flowers everywhere! There is a huge castle playground and tons of grass to play football, baseball, or whatever you want. I can't believe my husband is going to be 23 years old! I want to make his birthday special for him, so stick around to see what plans I come up with...oh and if you have any ideas what I can get him for his birthday, Please let me know :)

Yesterday we got to spend time with two of the best mom's in the whole world. First we went to John's parents house and got to talk to Josh! He is doing so great and loving it over in Russia. Carol (John's mom for those of you who don't know) got us delicious muffins for breakfast and the food didn't stop there. She also fed us lunch! We had shish kabobs, Grandma Betty's famous cabbage salad, jello salad, and Bobs dip. Pretty much It was an amazing lunch and she even sent us home with some little pieces of chicken for Charlie. (This is why he loves his grandma's and grandpa's) After we left the Huston's we met my mom and dad at my Grandma Robert's grave and hung out there. This will be my grandma's 14th Mothers Day being gone, we miss her so much! It was so great to see my mom and dad!

I am so grateful for these two ladies and all they have done for John and I. I am grateful for John's mom and how she has raised such a great son. I am grateful for my mom and for the example she has been to me in my life. Mom's are great! We sure do love ours!

Here's Our Baby!

Charlie was born February 7, 2010. There were three in his litter, two sisters and then him. He was the runt of his batch and when John and I saw him, it was love at first site. When we got him he weighed 2.90 pounds. He now weighs 3.5 pounds and is growing every day.


John and I have wanted to get a dog for a long time now. We thought it would be smart to wait until we got home from our trip in March, so that way we could be home to train our new puppy and not have to leave him alone when he is so young. Literally the Saturday after we got home from our trip we set up a time to go and meet Charlie. Basically in a nutshell...John saw him on KSL, we called the family, went and saw him, and the next thing we knew, we were going to Walmart to buy our new puppy all the supplies he would need.


Having Charlie a part of our family has been so fun for everyone. He loves to play with kids, and he also loves his grandma's and grandpa's. He is super spoiled and gets to go everywhere with us. He is doing so good with potty training, and has only chewed up one thing in the whole house (my phone charger of course) He loves to play in the backyard and watch the birds as they hang out in the trees. He loves John so much. They like to play together and spend time together. The other night, he even watched the whole Jazz game with John. Charlie likes to go on walks. At first he didn't like the whole idea of wearing a leash, but as soon as we would have him chase John, he started to get used to it.

Raising Charlie has been what I would think a lot like raising a child. He sleeps during the day and stays up all night! He has to be taken to the bathroom about every two hours (except when we are gone, he has been very good about holding it), he always wants to play, he loves to cuddle, and constantly wants all the attention, he makes us happy and he makes us laugh. We are always having to keep an eye on him, you never know what he will get into.

Last weekend Charlie got very sick and I had to take him to the emergency vet at eleven at night. I was scared and worried he wasn't going to be okay. He recently got his second vaccinations, so we figured it was from that, but nothing was helping him. After a very expensive trip to the vet, I brought him home with a pulled muscle in his stomach and an allergic reaction to shots. Charlie was doing much better the next morning. Th vet said to only feed him soft foods for the next couple of days and now he doesn't want to eat his dog food because the canned stuff is his new favorite thing.

We love Charlie so much! He is been so much fun for us to have and a great way to prepare us for children.