Sunday, September 12, 2010

nine years ago yesterday...

I was getting ready to go to school for the day. Every morning I get ready I always watch the news (don't know why, it's just something me and my mom used to do while we got ready) Anyway...They had a breaking news come on saying that a plane had run into the World Trade Center building in New York City. At the time they did not know what kind of plane it was, or even what the motive was behind it. I remember running up the stairs to tell my mom we needed to leave so I wouldn't be late to school. On our drive I told her that some plane had run into some "trade" building in New York. I had no clue what these buildings even were. When I walked into school that morning, everyone was talking about it. My first class of the day was Student Government. When I walked in the classroom, they announced a second plane had hit the World Trade Center building. As we watched the news caster explain that this was a terrorist attack on the United States, I remember feeling sick and wondering to myself how something so horrible like this could happen.

Yesterday while driving home I heard a song that KBULL 93 had put together to remember those who died on September 11, 2001. They mixed songs with calls from victims of the attacks, from the people on the plane that took it back and crashed in the field, to calls made by children who lost a parent or parents to the attacks. It brought tears to my eyes as I listened to it. It brought back a lot of emotions from that day. I am so grateful to live in this great country! I personally don't have any family members serving overseas, but I am so grateful for those who have and will risk their own lives for this country. I am so grateful for the freedoms I have. I couldn't help to think about those families who lost a loved one this day and how hard it must have been for them to endure such pain. I am so blessed to have the family and the life that I do.