Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A few thoughts...

So, I just had a couple of things on my mind and thought I would share...

First, I LOVE my job. Everyday I look forward to going to work and that's a really good thing. As funny as it may sound I feel excepted and extremely loved by all the children. It always makes my day when I have girls running up to me, giving me hugs, telling me nice things...I absolutely LOVE it!

Second, School is stressful. I didn't do so hot on my first test of the semester yesterday...but hey! what can you do?! Life goes on :)

Third, I am so proud of my husband. He is doing so well at his job and really enjoying the new position he is in. I am also so proud of his determination to get done with school. He is a hard worker and sometimes I don't know how he does everything he does, Pretty much he is amazing! He also just got called as Young Men's First counselor

Fourth, I am so grateful for doctors. We met with Dr. Spencer on Monday and John and I feel like we got a lot of answers to our many questions...

Fifth, even thought life seems unfair sometimes...there are others who have much worst trials in their life. Knowing this makes me appreciate all I have been given.

Sixth, I know I have said it a million times, but I am so excited for Fall Time. This weekend we are going to Swiss Days...I want to look for a beautiful Fall Wreath to go on my door.

Seventh, I wonder when I get pregnant again if I'll be as sick as the first time...everyone says every pregnancy is different, I still think I'll be extremely sick with all my pregnancies :)

Eighth, General Conference is in a month! I LOVE General Conference.

Ninth, our cruise vacation is so soon... I hope the hurricanes stay away. I am excited for a little break!!

Tenth, I have so much homework, but I just need a break for one night :)

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