Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to School 2011

So I kind of have two Back to School's his year...

First off, Fall Semester began today for John and I...I guess we better hold on tight and enjoy the ride. John being the amazing person he is, is taking 18 credit hours AGAIN! And myself...15 :) We are going to be busy busy busy, but we just want to get done with school.

Second, I love my new job! Like I said before, I am working at a Charter school now. The last two weeks I have been training, learning the ins and outs, and preparing myself for the first day of school. Last night I couldn't sleep...I was so nervous for the first day, it was like being a kid again. And well...the first day was AWESOME and I survived! I made a lot of fun, cute little friends who call me " Mrs. H" and I absolutely love it! Even though I won't be able to memorize all 375 of their names...they are so much fun and most definitely keep my entertained.

Looks like Back to School is starting off on a good foot.

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