Monday, December 12, 2011

Third times a charm???

We are getting ready to head in for our 3rd IUI (Intrauternine Insemination)... ya think it would have worked the first two times, but hey what can you do!? I have always heard the famous saying "third times a charm", so we will see if this statement is really true or not. Three is most definitely a lucky number for us, after all our anniversary is on March 3rd, John got home from his mission on July 3rd, We have almost been married three years, I won a wedding at La Caille by putting three entry forms in the see where I am going with this. Three is a good number for us and we are hoping that it will be the lucky number we need and deserve this time :)

The other day I had about had it with bad as that sounds. I was feeling pretty down in the dumps, which according to all my posts pretty much hasn't been out of the norm lately. So, I have decided it is most definitely time for a change. Each month I am not pregnant I am aloud one day to be sad about it...I am sure you can figure out what that one day of the month that would be, and then it's time to move on and figure out the next step. Pretty much this situation sucks and I can either curl up in a ball, cry, and not want to even get out of bed, or figure out what our next step will be and do something about it.

Wish us luck in our next adventure with infertility...oh what a lovely word...NOT!

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